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Sports facilities and events in YLPTR win awards

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An award ceremony took place in SIP on Jan 17, celebrating Suzhou’s top 10 sports news and a list of local sports facilities and events that had great influence in 2019 in promoting sportsmanship and arousing the public’s interests in physical exercises. At the event, SIP’s Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort (YLPTR) bagged three awards.

Xihuwan Eco-Sports Park, a sports-themed park boasting beautiful lakeside sceneries and excellent facilities for sports activities, received the “Most Popular Sports Park” award. The 50-kilometer lakeside footpath at YLPTR was declared the “Most Beautiful Fitness Footpath”, while an orienteering held at YLPTR’s Lianchi Lake Park in July 2019 to advocate integrity and probity won the “Most Creative Event” award.

January 21, 2020