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Delicate Shaanxi-style food offered at Crowne Plaza Suzhou

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Sun Seeker, a restaurant at the grand cruise ship-shaped Crowne Plaza Suzhou in SIP, is adding over 20 special dishes to its menu from Nov 15 to 24 for customers fancying Shaanxi-style recipes which, originated in Northwest China’s Shaanxi province, are widely recognized as an important element of Chinese cooking culture.
All of the dishes come from Chinese Kitchen Head Chef Zhang Suopeng and Pastry Kitchen Sous Chef Zhou Bo from Tianhan Jingyi Park View Hotel and Resorts in Hanzhong, a city in Shaanxi province. Among them are stewed mutton, dumplings in soup, Chinese hamburgers and noodles, all boasting authentic and essential local flavor. 
Apart from that, six open kitchens at Sun Seeker are offering grilled lamb and beef steaks, steamed seafood, pan-fried goose liver and other food of Chinese and exotic characteristics to meet the tastes of people from different countries and regions.