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Suzhou Center Mall ushers in 2nd anniversary

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Suzhou Center Mall in SIP is celebrating its 2nd anniversary from Nov 1 to 11 with a dazzling variety of bargains, gifts, performances and new consumption experiences.
Big discounts are being offered, along with a campaign to allow consumers to exchange their member points for RMB 50-off e-coupon for every RMB 100 spending or for chances for a lucky draw.
An artistic installation called “Future Dance” has been set up at Century Square, boasting glass surfaces to give fantastic light shows.
An eco-friendly running machine of a ring shape is standing inside the mall, waiting for people to run on it to help generate power for it. The experiencers will receive souvenir cards according to the electric quantity they contribute to, and with certain amount of the cards, they will get a cotton candy.
A carnival party will be thrown on the mall’s birthday, with band performances and a breathtaking Guinness World Record-awarded performance where the performers will do loops, rolls and other stunts while flying small twin-jet aircraft.
Apart from that, a number of new stores will open during the period, including Blacktie Boxing Academy where Croatian professional boxers Goran Martinović and Mario Preskar will give lessons, and DRAGONFLY which provides all-around services for body care. 
Additionally, Make Up For Ever, a French cosmetics brand owned by LVMH, will bring its best-selling make-up and skin care products. 
Make Up For Ever-Reboot liquid foundation
ORIGINS series 
Bobbi Brown lipsticks
Don’t miss it. Come and join the shopping spree.