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SRRC SIP leg concludes

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The SIP leg of 2019 Suzhou Road Running Championship (SRRC) kicked off at Jinji Lake Urban Square, SIP on Oct 19. Nearly 1,000 runners from around Suzhou, including those from the event’s title sponsor Suzhou Hengtai Holdings Group, set off from the square and took an about-14-kilometer route around Jinji Lake toward their destination.
There were four supply stations along the route and about 200 first aid volunteers and a volunteer team from Hengtai Holdings serving all the way through to root for the runners and ensure the event went on in a safe and orderly manner.
After fierce competition, No. A549 runner Zhu Jialin won the men’s title at a speed of 52'11'', while No. B062 runner Gao Chao won the women’s title at a speed of 60'26''. 

October 21, 2019