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YLPTR: a good place to enjoy the life you like

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Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort (YLPTR), the SIP-based 24.39-square-kilometer national tourist resort near Suzhou and Shanghai, saw over 320,000 tourist arrivals during the National Day holiday from Oct 1 to 7. It seems that every visitor to the place can find a way to enjoy the life he or she likes.
People exhausted by the fast pace of urban life can relax their bodies and mind in a walk in the beautiful nature, or in a cycling tour along the about-30-kilometer lakeside cycling track or a set of yoga exercises following professional teachers’ instructions. 
People who like shopping should not miss the Yi’oulai Suzhou Village shopping mall which boasts nearly 130 top brands, considerate services and perfect incorporation of Venetian-style buildings with elements drawn from Suzhou-style gardens. 
For families, there are a great variety of parent-child projects. HB World, a film-themed entertainment complex, provides 13 indoor and 21 outdoor options for recreation purposes. There are also seven film-themed restaurants, 21 eateries, over 40 theme stores and lots of performances and other events held on a regular basis. 
YLPTR Children’s Balance Bike Base is one of the places best loved by children.  Besides, the aeromodeling base is another good option. 
In addition, the SANGHA by OCTAVE retreat can always give the visitors wonderful recreational and healthcare experiences, and offers opportunities for them to do their bit in environmental protection. For example, at the Reed Leaf Center, people can learn to make pencils with back number newspapers, or try their hands on farming.
The YLPTR authorities revealed that they are endeavoring to introduce more events and offer more high-quality services to give the visitors better experiences.