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SIP receives continuous flow of tourists during National Day holiday

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SIP’s A-class scenic spots recorded 1.725 million tourist arrivals during the National Day holiday from Oct 1 to 7 thanks to the beautiful natural landscapes and fascinating recreational resources.
Jinji Lake Scenic Area hosted a list of events that incorporated cultural experiences into tourist activities. Among the events were Suzhou Eslite Bookstore’s “Dream Bazaar” with a dazzling variety of creative cultural products, the gingko exhibition at Harmony Times Square, and a variety of art exhibitions. 
Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort hosted an aeromodeling competition that attracted over 500 model aircraft makers and pilots from around the globe, and provided 10 percent discount for enjoying Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs at designated restaurants. Besides, the area also saw a series of events at Chongyuan Temple to mark the Chinese Double Ninth Festival (a festival for the elderly) on Oct 7. 
HB World, a film-themed entertainment complex, and several other tourist destinations provided fantastic parent-child projects along with concessionary tickets for kids and seniors.
Moreover, the local tourist service, traffic and security authorities enhanced their efforts during the period to ensure that both local residents and visitors could enjoy a safe and happy holiday. 

October 8, 2019