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Court offers training to community workers

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SIP Social Affairs Bureau signed an agreement with SIP People’s Court on May 21 to designate the latter as “SIP’s Training Base for Law-based Social Governance”. The base’s first mission is to launch a three-month off-the-job training program for 25 community workers from across SIP.
It is reported that, under the program, judges working at the court will serve as mentors to give the trainees one-on-one training on dispute settlement, and there will be weekly lectures to help the trainees improve their abilities and skills of handling disputes. 
“The trainees will have chances to partake in work at the court, including preparing legal documents, making records of court proceedings and mediating disputes,” said Shen Yanhong, head of the court. 
This is not the first time for the court to provide law-related training to community workers. It carried out in 2018 a training program of similar kind that benefited eight community workers from four sub-districts in SIP. 

May 21, 2020