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Audiences treated to music show in streets

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“It is amazing,” said a woman after being treated to the “Voice in Suzhou” show at Pingjiang Road, a historic district in Suzhou, on May 17. Like the other participants of the preview of the innovative show produced by New Era Group, an SIP-based art, cultural, sports and exhibition business operator, she listened to the 100-minute show through a headset while walking about 4 kilometers along the road through a number of tourist attractions.
The show will formally begin on May 22, according to Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre which, run by New Era Group, is in charge of creation of the show. It will be staged every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, with an audience limit of 30 at a time. 
“It is part of the ’Gusu 8:30pm’ program that is being carried out across Suzhou to entice citizens into night life to drive nighttime economy. The audiences will have chances to experience the charm and essence of several museums, gardens and other attractions along the road following melodies that incorporate Kunqu opera (one of the oldest forms of Chinese opera) and pingtan (storytelling and ballad singing in Suzhou dialect) performances,” said a source from the production crew.

May 18, 2020