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SIP officials learn about smart technology application in community

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Ni Qian and Zhou Zhigang, members of CPC SIP Working Committee and deputy directors of SIP Administrative Committee, and their contingent visited Lianxiang Community in SIP’s Xietang Sub-district on May 9 for a survey on application of smart technologies in the community.
The officials first visited the south zone of Lianxiang Xincun. At the entrance of the residential quarter, they gained a better understanding of the face and vehicle recognition systems used for entrance management.
At the later meeting, the officials listened to the report of the telecommunications company in charge of a pilot project for deployment of a smart community governance system in the south zone of Lianxiang Xincun and the sub-district office’s introduction to a series of work plans for information-based grassroots governance. 
After that, the officials visited a local residential building where they observed the working process of a smart monitoring system used to stop parking of electric bicycles in stairways and another one used at the building’s garage to detect and report smoke for prevention of fires. 

May 11, 2020