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Community residents experience folk customs on Beginning of Summer

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Songyuan Community in SIP’s Xietang Sub-district hosted an event on May 5 to celebrate the Beginning of Summer which, the 7th of the 24 Chinese Solar Terms, fell on the day this year. The event offered the participating youngsters and their parents an opportunity to experience folk customs related to the solar term. 
Yu Xinyuan, a local senior volunteer, started the event with a talk on a series of traditional ways of celebrating the Beginning of Summer, and the participants experienced several of them later.
First, the youngsters played the “Egg Tapping” game where they gently tapped the tips of their boiled eggs against their opponents’ and the one whose egg remained intact won. It is learnt that “Egg Tapping” has been a major component of the Beginning of Summer celebration for centuries. 
After that, several volunteers weighed the youngsters one by one with a traditional Chinese weighing scale as a token of wishes for good health in summer.
In the last part, with help from the volunteers and their parents, each of the youngsters made a small net using colored wool yarns and put into it a duck egg. They then hung the net around their neck as a symbol of putting up a protective net against summer diseases.

May 7, 2020