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Medical workers fighting COVID-19 receive money rewards

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SIP Charity Federation (SIPCF) on Apr 28 gave money rewards to 349 local medical workers who risked their lives to help fight the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Central China’s Hubei province when the province was hit badly by the virus. Each of the medical workers received RMB10,000.
The rewards reportedly came from a special fund established by SIPCF in collaboration with the SIP-based real estate company Jinfeng Group after the first team of medical workers set out from SIP for Hubei. It is learnt that many organizations and individuals have donated money into the fund so far. 
“The charities, residents, enterprises and other organizations in SIP have offered us consistent support. They also donated lots of medical devices and other anti-epidemic supplies. That has been inspiring us to devote ourselves to the battle with the virus,” said one of the reward recipients from First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University.

April 28, 2020