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Sub-district kitchen provides meals to seniors

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SIP’s Loufeng Sub-district opened the “Kitchen for Seniors” in January to provide subsidized nutritious meals to local seniors. So far, the service has benefited 32 seniors in 20 communities across the sub-district.
“The sub-district has over 40,000 people aged above 60, including many with disabilities and those who live alone. The healthy meal service is designed to give these people a helping hand in their life,” said a source from the sub-district office.
It is learnt that the meals are made of fresh ingredients sourced from reliable suppliers and cooked by experienced chefs. The recipes are well-designed to make sure the meals are tasty and healthy. Each meal costs 12 yuan, and the diners only need to pay a fraction of it.
The meals are cooked at the kitchen and then delivered by the staff of a delivery services company to related community offices where the community workers and volunteers will send the meals to the seniors.
“Thank you so much for your considerate service,” a 90-year-old said on Apr 24 after receiving a bowl of birthday noodles that was offered together with her meal.
According to an official from the sub-district office, there will be also healthcare, emergency and other services for the benefit of the elderly in the future. 

April 26, 2020