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The 10th SIP Reading Season raises its curtain

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A bookcrossing campaign launched at SIP’s Suzhou Eslite Bookstore on Apr 23 kicked off the 10th SIP Reading Season. Over 2,000 events are scheduled across SIP till the end of the year to help instill good reading habits into local residents.
SIP Reading Season is an annual event initiated in 2011. It has thus far shown good effect in arousing residents’ zest in reading and enriching their life. This year’s event reportedly will include live-streamed reading lessons, recitation competition, children’s picture book creation competition and a variety of other reading and learning activities. 
The opening event attracted many participants, and each of them was allowed to pick one book and take it home for reading.
According to SIP Library (also known as SIP Dushu Lake Library), which provided 2,000 books for the bookcrossing campaign, the campaign will last till May 5, and events of the same kind will be also held at Suzhou Center and the library. 
“The readers are encouraged to return the books to any of 26 book boxes called ‘Bird’s Nests’ at the local neighborhood centers, communities and commercial complexes so that more people will read the books,” a source from the library said. 

April 23, 2020