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SIP offers multiple choices for enjoying a wonderful night

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With significant progress in getting the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) under control, SIP is turning back to sleepless zone alive with glittering lights even in the depths of night. Beautiful nightscapes, delicate food and various entertainment options have enticed many people into the night life. 
A wonderful night may start with a stroll along the Jinji Lakeshore Footpath amidst gorgeous lake views and colorful neon lights, or a visit to an art gallery or museum where stunning artworks are on display.
Apart from that, there are gyms and bookstores for people who need to relax their body and mind, and cafes and restaurants for foodies. Many of the places now have special offers devised to boost consumption.
All the business venues adopt strict anti-epidemic measures such as physical distancing rules and limit on number of customers to prevent infection of COVID-19.
It is learnt that SIP will kick off the 4th Jinji Lake Travel & Shopping Festival on Apr 25 to give both tourists and local citizens unique and fantastic travel and shopping experiences.

April 22, 2020