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SIP Cultural Center supporter of mass culture

Chen Peizu's flower-and-bird painting exhibition, sponsored by SIP Cultural Center as its first mass culture thematic exhibition this year, is now open to the public on the first floor of Suzhou Culture & Arts Center. On display are 60 paintings of blooming flowers, sweet fruits and gorgeous chirping birds by Chen, an ordinary citizen in SIP Hudong Community.

According to Li Ming, person in charge of SIP Cultural Center, the center management aims to organize exhibitions, lectures and performances for people to show their talent and improve their cultural levels, and they will make consistent efforts to support the development of mass culture. In 2016, SIP Cultural Center organized a total of 20 exhibitions of calligraphy, painting and photography, etc.

"There is no threshold for excellent works created by people. SIP Cultural Center will provide free venue for people to show their good works, even help design posters. I admire their devotion to developing mass culture," said Chen.

City beautician, a work selected to SIP humanistic photo & caption contest

Square dance competition in SIP

March 28, 2017

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