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SCAC unveils new program schedule  2019-02-28
SIPVA has a great volunteer team for competitive events  2019-02-27
SIP Real Estate Industry Association holds annual meeting  2019-02-27
Residents' calligraphy works on display  2019-02-26
CFA Super Cup opener kicks off in SIP  2019-02-26
International marriage registry office set up in SIP  2019-02-25
The 10th SZJLIHM approaching  2019-02-25
Suzhou citizens benefiting from tariff cut for overseas daily consumer goods  2019-02-22
Wedding fair to open at JICC  2019-02-21
SCAC designated NCPA's "Opera Movies Base"  2019-02-21
SIP Volunteers Association's book donation campaign wraps up  2019-02-21
SZIEC collecting old photos and stuff to mark its 15th anniversary  2019-02-21
Joyous event to usher in Chinese Lantern Festival  2019-02-20
SIP enterprises recruit new staff in poverty-stricken area  2019-02-20
Xinghui School students appear in CCTV show  2019-02-19
Added value of SIP's cultural industry accounts for 6.7% of local GDP  2019-02-19
Diversified classes enrich youngsters' winter vacation  2019-02-18
SBT performs The Nutcracker at JSCPA  2019-02-18
Ticket sales for CFA Super Cup opener starts  2019-02-18
Suzhou leg of IOTE 2019 to kick off in SIP in March  2019-02-18
SIP HR Market hosts first job fair after Chinese New Year  2019-02-14
Officials serving assistance programs outside SIP attend symposium  2019-02-13
Minibuses decorated to celebrate Chinese New Year  2019-02-13
SIPLSB officers take top places in provincial evaluation  2019-02-13
Micro film publicizes ban on fireworks and firecrackers  2019-02-13
SIPMSG gives quick response to snow weather  2019-02-13
Hotline services help better social insurance and housing fund services  2019-02-13
Melodies from Suzhou sound in UN headquarters  2019-02-12
5G network gives Suzhou citizens fantastic experiences  2019-02-12
Over 40,000 MSEs exempted from VAT  2019-02-12
SIP's comprehensive bonded area adopts new preferential tax policy to help enterprises save cost  2019-02-12
Smart app helps enrich museum visitors' experiences  2019-02-12
Exhibition on Suzhou culture and art to kick off at UN headquarters  2019-02-12
SIPCDC's program identified one of Suzhou's key programs  2019-02-12
HSBC "Future Star" Winter Camp tours to SIP  2019-02-12
SIPYCC art troupe busy with Spring Festival celebrations  2019-02-12
SJTU (Suzhou) AI Research Institute holds 2nd council meeting  2019-02-01
SZSO to give a concert at UN headquarters  2019-02-01
SIP hosts Spring Festival sodality  2019-01-31
Research institutes and hospitals jointly launch research plan against common tumors  2019-01-30
LCCB declared one of Jiangsu province's key cultural industry clusters  2019-01-30
Over 120 people "Listening to Classics" at SCAC  2019-01-29
Li Ying: SBT offers performers good opportunities for self-development  2019-01-29
CFA Super Cup opener to kick off in SIP  2019-01-28
"Spring Breeze" touches train passengers' hearts  2019-01-24
SIPPCC starts to offer monthly public lectures  2019-01-22
Renowned architect's works on display at Suzhou Eslite Bookstore  2019-01-22
SIP hosts summit on cultural development in Yangtze River Delta  2019-01-22
Suzhou mayor visits job fair  2019-01-22
SCAC to offer discounted tickets for nine performances  2019-01-18
SZSO shares stage with globally renowned artists at NCPA  2019-01-17
Xinghai Hospital gains NMAH membership  2019-01-17
CRT finals conclude in SIP  2019-01-16
Spring Festival fair to kick off Thursday  2019-01-15
SIPCPA holds annual meeting  2019-01-14
SIP Opens the First Port Clearance Service Hall in Suzhou
SIP to Promote Knowledge Economy and Recognizes 190 Talents
The Inaugural Business China Enterprise Award Goes to SIP
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