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Yangtze River Delta Youth Drama Incubation System formed  2019-05-15
SIP-STIO to help administrative offices enhance information-based operations  2019-05-15
Photos about Suzhou IFS on display  2019-05-14
Annual dragon boat race to kick off soon  2019-05-14
Over 2,000 people walk around Jinji Lake  2019-05-14
Overseas returnees’ art works on display in SIP  2019-05-14
SBT ballet receives high acclaim in Eastern Europe  2019-05-14
AI expo kicks off  2019-05-13
Five "National Open Innovation Platforms" debut at AI expo  2019-05-13
Film screenings to enrich residents' life  2019-05-13
Communities organize art performances  2019-05-13
SIP launches young talent cultivation program  2019-05-10
Expert talks about AI at SIP-STIO’s weekly event  2019-05-10
SIP’s digital tools provide residents with convenient medical and health services  2019-05-10
SIP celebrates 100th anniversary of May Fourth Movement  2019-05-09
Painter tells stories of Chen Yifei  2019-05-09
Class on traditional operas for cancer patients starts  2019-05-08
Photo exhibition to help students with plights in schooling  2019-05-06
SBT performance stuns audiences in Riga  2019-05-06
Highly-skilled talents' competition kicks off  2019-05-06
Community art troupe members tell their stories on radio show  2019-05-06
SIP authorities join hands to give enterprises a leg up in going global  2019-05-05
SIPYCC giving performances for public benefit  2019-04-30
Renowned intellectual talks about contemporary literature  2019-04-29
Newspaper clipping exhibition to mark SIP’s 25th anniversary  2019-04-29
The 9th SIP Reading Season opens  2019-04-29
Croatian boxer donates money to help exceptional children  2019-04-29
SBT starts tour to Eastern Europe  2019-04-25
High-caliber talents’ basketball games kick off  2019-04-24
Amazing embroidery works on display at Suzhou Eslite Bookstore  2019-04-23
ACG exhibits become eye-catcher at 8th CCDE  2019-04-23
Suzhou: a good example in maintaining thriving culture  2019-04-19
Tax cut saves people money in buying overseas products  2019-04-18
Watercolors portraying daily life on display in SIP  2019-04-16
Brother tells stories of Chinese artist Chen Yifei  2019-04-16
Chen brothers’ paintings on display in SIP  2019-04-16
About 200 enterprises to join silk expo in SIP  2019-04-16
ISM: a good example for integrated talent, industrial and urban development  2019-04-15
Reading session held for people working in training sector  2019-04-15
Over 4 tons of expired food turned into natural gas and fertilizers  2019-04-15
An early glimpse of highlights at 8th CCDE  2019-04-12
Captivating magic show to be staged at SCAC  2019-04-12
SIP students start six-day tour along Grand Canal  2019-04-11
Application for BOYA piano contest starts  2019-04-11
SIP students’ straw-braided works to be on show at youngsters’ art event  2019-04-10
Residents encouraged to take part in community governance  2019-04-10
Recitation held to mark SIP’s 25th anniversary  2019-04-09
Toastmasters speech contest wraps up in SIP  2019-04-08
Jinji Lake CBD authorities expound on talent policies to enterprises  2019-04-08
Public lecture on 5G and AI held in SIP  2019-04-08
Lights in landmark buildings switched off for Earth Hour  2019-04-08
Thousands of businesses at Jinji Lake CBD benefit from pro-business services  2019-04-08
Pingtan performances staged at SIP Cultural Centre  2019-04-04
SSIP to have a Suzhou Street  2019-04-03
Kempinski staff show care and love for autistic children  2019-04-03
SIP Opens the First Port Clearance Service Hall in Suzhou
SIP to Promote Knowledge Economy and Recognizes 190 Talents
The Inaugural Business China Enterprise Award Goes to SIP
  Suzhou Industrial Park Video  
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