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Diverse events to help residents know better about environmental protection

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Communities in SIP’s Hudong sub-district are taking different measures to increase local residents’ awareness and knowledge of environmental protection.
Xinyue Community organized a parent-child event on Jan 6. In the process, the community staff introduced to over 20 families the local “river chief” water management mechanism, and taught them to build devices to purify water. Several of the youngsters also applied for participation in a local volunteer program for river patrol and protection. 
Donghu Linyu Community hosted an event on Jan 8 when the participating residents competed in playing a mobile game designed by SIP Hudong Community Working Committee to impart knowledge on garbage classification.
On the same day, a group of environmental protection volunteers from Langke Community visited Qizi Mountain Landfill where they gained a better understanding of how wastes are collected, transported and disposed. 

January 10, 2020