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Communities spread awareness of garbage classification in different ways

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Communities in SIP’s Hudong sub-district are trying different ways to increase local residents’ awareness of garbage classification. 
Lingdong Community hosted an event on Dec 3, imparting knowledge on garbage classification to the participants and offering them a chance to exchange recyclable articles for potted plants. The community also made a plan the next day together with the local property management company, a volunteer team and an environmental service supplier for a pilot garbage classification program to be started soon. Under the plan, they will enhance publicity on garbage classification and adopt a new mechanism to allow residents to exchange credit points that they can earn by taking part in garbage classification for prizes.  
Shidai Guangchangnan Community offered a lecture on garbage classification on Nov 26 when the volunteer teacher provided the local property management staff with effective rectification measures against a list of problems they had discovered before the event in implementing garbage classification.
In the event in Xinggongyuan Community on Dec 3, five people who are apt at garbage classification shared very helpful tips and tricks for waste sorting and disposal with the participants. It is reported that the community has established an honor list which will be released on a monthly basis to commend people with high performance in garbage classification.

December 5, 2019