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Sub-district endeavors to put “river chief system” into substantial practices

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SIP’s Moon Bay sub-district has exemplified a series of good practices in preventing and reducing water pollution by virtue of the “river chief system” which is being rolled out across the country for protection of water bodies.
In one move, the sub-district authorities divided the local river system into seven grids, each with a designated “river chief” to work together with related administrative staff and volunteers to conduct inspections over the watercourses on a regular basis and provide coordination for rectifications in case of any problems discovered. 
On the other hand, the local authorities have enhanced publicity on social media platforms to make local water management policies and programs well known by related staff, and formed online working groups for “river chiefs” to report problems they discovered to competent departments and urge them to take follow-up actions. 
Thanks to the efforts mentioned above, the sub-district has thus far removed over-900m2 illegally planted crops from the banks of Dushu Lake, and established effective regular mechanisms to cope with duckweed, dead tree branches and other pollutants.

August 6, 2019