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Two subway lines to start construction

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The latest news said the construction plans for Suzhou Subway Lines 7 and 8 have been approved by the local government and biddings for the projects are underway. Both projects will enhance the link between SIP and other major functional zones in Suzhou city.

Subway Line 7, a 27.2-km south-north line in the eastern part of the old city, will have 23 stations, including those for transfer to other subway lines. It will pass through several of the city's major urban zones such as Xiangcheng District, SIP and Wuzhong District. As scheduled, the project is carried out in two phases. Part of it is already in service as a branch of Subway Line 4 which went into operation last year and the second phase will be completed and put into trial operation in 2024.

The 34.8-km long Subway Line 8 will have 27 stations from northwest to southeast to connect the zones including Suzhou New District, Gusu District, Xiangcheng District and SIP. The section in SIP will be a main south-north traffic line in Hudong sub-district. It is expected to come into trial operation in 2024, too.

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August 6, 2018