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Permanent appraisal base for Wu Wenjun Award inaugurated

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The Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence Wu Wenjun Award Appraisal Base in Suzhou AI Industry Park, SIP came into service on Nov 29. It is reported that all the work for the selection of future winners of the Wu Wenjun AI Science & Technology Award (Wu Wenjun Award for short), hailed as “China’s supreme award in smart science and technology”, will be done at the base. 
Wu Wenjun Award is an annual award program initiated by Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI) in 2011. It is learnt that SIP Administrative Committee signed an agreement with CAAI in 2017 to build the base and host the award ceremony every year there. The project consists of different functional facilities such as the deliberation room and multimedia conference hall to help ensure prudent and fair appraisal of the nominees.
A bust of Wu Wenjun (1919-2017), the renowned Chinese mathematician and pioneer in AI research after whom the award program was named, was unveiled concurrently to mark Wu’s 100th birthday.

November 29, 2019