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SIP-STIO’s latest weekly information session focuses on AI

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At the weekly information session organized by SIP Science and Technology and Information Office (SIP-STIO) on Nov 25, Nick Zhang, president of the council of iWuzhen Institute, a non-profit organization engaged in intelligent analysis of economic data, gave a talk on the development of artificial intelligence in China and the United States.
The event was part of SIP-STIO’s long-term program initiated in 2016 to invite professionals from research institutes, enterprises and investment organizations to share their expertise and experience with related local administrative staff on a weekly basis.
At the event, Nick gave the participants a comparative analysis of the AI development trends in the two countries. In his opinion, the gap between the two countries in AI development is narrowing, and China has overtaken the USA in the amount of patents developed in the fields of natural language processing, computer vision and intelligent driving, but the American AI market is more attractive to investors in some areas, such as the number of AI enterprises and talent pool.

November 27, 2019