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Honeywell branch launches new project to make intelligent warehousing systems

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Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions Suzhou (also known as Honeywell SPS Suzhou), an SIP-based member within American conglomerate Honeywell International Inc, announced on Nov 26 to launch a new production line to make complete sets of automatic warehousing systems for the Asia-Pacific market.
Honeywell SPS provides comprehensive solutions that enhance workplace safety and incident response, improve enterprise performance and enable greater product design innovation. Honeywell SPS Suzhou came into operation in SIP in 1999 to design, manufacture and market barcode scanners and printers and other related devices. It has seen a fast expansion over the past 20 years, with continuously enriched functions and offerings.
The new production line is expected to start commissioning in January 2020, and the automatic warehousing systems, with smart workflow monitoring modules for safety control and efficiency optimization, will be able to sort and deliver over 10,000 parcels each hour.
“The intelligent warehousing products will enable our clients to reduce operating cost and also drive further transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry,” said Chai Xiaozhou, president of Honeywell SPS Greater China.

November 26, 2019