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Wu Wenjun Award winners unveiled

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This year’s winners of Wu Wenjun AI Science & Technology Award (Wu Wenjun Award for short), dubbed “China’s supreme award in smart science and technology”, were unveiled on Nov 22. A total of 82 individuals, institutions and projects with outstanding contributions to AI development are on the list. 
Wu Wenjun Award, initiated by Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence in 2011, is named after renowned Chinese mathematician and AI master Wu Wenjun. An award ceremony is held on a yearly basis, and the winners can receive not only honors, but also money awards that total RMB 2 million each year. SIP started to serve as the permanent appraisal base for the award program in 2017.
It is reported that this year’s award ceremony will be held in SIP on Nov 30, and Zhang Bo, president of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence at Tsinghua University and an academician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, will be honored with the “Wu Wenjun Award for Life Achievements” for his remarkable contributions to the development of a wide range of AI technologies. 

November 22, 2019