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Hutchinson opens Fab House in SIP

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Hutchinson Group, a company started out in France in 1853 as a manufacturer of rubber products and now provides solutions for future mobility on land, in the air and at sea, opened its 822 Fab House in SIP on Nov 20. It is reportedly the company’s third facility of its kind worldwide, following the 507 Fab House in France and the 616 Fab House in the United States. The Fab Houses, each dedicated to certain categories of Hutchinson’s products, are designed to create a network of connected places around areas for sharing and exchange. 
Hutchinson entered Chinese market in 1998 when it set up Hutchinson Industrial Rubber Products (Suzhou) Co Ltd in SIP to make and market rubber components for vehicles, airplanes, railways, subways, home appliances among other facilities and equipment.
“We will rely on the new facility to help make mobility in Asia safer, more comfortable and sustainable,” the company’s chairman and CEO Jacques Maigné said. 
The 2,800-square-meter 822 Fab House, costing RMB 158 million, boasts advanced digital equipment and an architectural style incorporating traditional Suzhou cultural and modern industrial elements. The ground floor accommodates a product testing machine platform intended for customers and prospects, and on the upper floor the “Big Tables” area presents Hutchinson’s products and solutions. 

November 20, 2019