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Authorities conduct second inspection over steel market found with safety pitfalls

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An inspection team consisting of members from SIP Market Supervision Bureau, Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort (YLPTR) Police Station and several other administrative offices on Aug 19 conducted an inspection over a steel market in YLPTR to check the rectification results concerning a series of safety pitfalls discovered there in an inspection four months ago. 
The 462-store Donggang Steel Market was urged after the earlier inspection to take immediate actions against the safety pitfalls like aging electrical circuits, outworn firefighting and emergency response facilities, illegal buildings, advertisements, parking and stacking of hazardous articles as well as loopholes in safety management.
The YLPTR authorities put together a special working group after the first inspection to help make rectification plans and follow up their implementation.
In the event, the inspectors checked the target spots one by one to ensure the rectifications reach related standards, and provided suggestions in case of any need for further improvement.

August 20, 2019