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Public lecture inspires thoughts on self-media development

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SIP Moon Bay Communist Youth League Working Committee and Moka Group, a social media-based marketing service supplier in SIP, joined hands lately to offer a public lecture on self-media at Tencent Incubator in SIP’s Moon Bay sub-district to over 30 local youths engaged in new media operation.
At the event, Moka CEO Bian Zhouxiang shared with the participants his views on self-media which, “zimeiti” in Chinese, refers to independently operated social media accounts usually run by individual users on such platforms as WeChat and Weibo. 
In his talk, Bian gave the participants a brief introduction to the development course of self-media and a data-based analysis of self-media subscribers and future development potentials. He emphasized that self-media should provide accurate and objective information about truths, and should enhance interaction with the public.

August 15, 2019