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Little campers debate on what field should be given priority to use AI

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The youngsters who are attending the 9th Hexin Summer Camp in Jingcheng Community at SIP’s Hudong sub-district had a debate about “What Field Should Be Given Priority to Use AI” on Aug 1.
Hexin Summer Camp is an annual event jointly organized by SIP Hudong Community Working Committee, University of Science and Technology Beijing and Soochow University. As part of the event, the debate was designed to guide the youngsters to think deeply about science and technology.
The debate went on at Jingcheng Community Club in two sessions where the little campers, in five groups, stated their ideas on use of AI technologies in manufacturing, data processing, scientific research, humanistic care and decision-making. Eleven students from the above-mentioned universities offered them help in the process. 

August 7, 2019