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10th CHInano to open in SIP in October

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The CHInano 2019 Conference & Expo (also known as the 10th CHInano) is set to take place at SIP’s Suzhou International Expo Centre from Oct 23 to 25, according to the event’s sponsors Chinese Society of Micro-Nano Technology and China Association for International Science and Technology Cooperation.
CHInano, an annual event initiated in 2010, has become the first choice of global nanotech enterprises and research institutes to showcase their products and technologies and seek cooperation opportunities.
This year’s event, focusing on nano materials, MEMS manufacturing, third-generation semiconductors and nanotech application in health care, will consist of one main forum and 14 specialized forums, 12 new product launches along with partnering activities, contests and an exhibition of nanotech and peripheral products. 
It is noteworthy that Andre Konstantin Geim, a Russia-born Dutch-British physicist who was awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics jointly with his colleague and former student Konstantin Novoselov for his work on grapheme, will deliver a speech at the main forum.

August 9, 2019