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Companies in SIP take part in production of hit animated movie Nezha

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October Meng Ma and Light Year Digital, two animation companies in SIP, recently gained great fame as two of about 70 studios that jointly made the recent blockbuster movie Nezha. The movie, the animated version of a classic Chinese tale, took in over RMB 2 billion in nine days.
October Meng Ma made an about-25-minute section for the movie.
“It took over 20 people more than half a year to fulfill the task. We could only finish an about-0.8-second part each day. Usually seven to eight modifications for a scene,” said Qiu Jiawei, general manager of the company.
Light Year Digital took the charge of the composition for an about 20-minute section. “We had a 10-people team working on it, and we did lots of overtime work so that it was finished within four months,” the company’s CEO Zhu Guangshuai said.
Now, their hard work has paid off. The movie has won rave reviews for its exquisite and subtle pictures and touching story.

August 2, 2019