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YLPTR hosts salon session for enterprises engaged in environmental technologies

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SIP’s Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort (YLPTR) hosted a salon session on July 31, gathering representatives of about 10 local enterprises engaged in energy saving and environmental protection technologies. The event is the first session of the “YLPTR•Businesses•Home” program that the local authorities launched in May in a move to offer local businesses better services. 
At the event, an official from YLPTR Industry Bureau gave the enterprise representatives an introduction to the services under the “YLPTR•Businesses•Home” program and YLPTR’s current development and future planning. Another official from SIP Economic Development Committee introduced to them a series of local projects for eco-friendly development and local policy and financial support for projects of the kind and for enterprises embracing eco-friendly operations.
Following that, the representative of Jiangsu Gaiya Environmental Science and Technology Co Ltd, a YLPTR-based company that provides globally leading environmental protection and modification technologies, equipment and solutions, shared their practices in industrializing their technologies. Then the enterprise representatives held a discussion revolving on their technologies, business operations and challenges. 
After the event, the participants toured around SIP Exhibition Center where they gained a better understanding of SIP’s evolution and achievements over the past 25 years.

August 1, 2019