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Skysys: Enabling Drones

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Skysys, an SIP-based company that collects and analyzes data from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and provides integrated solutions for UAV automation, has been striving to make UAVs easy-to-operate and efficient substitutes for human work in the industrial, agricultural, military and other fields, just as its slogan “Enabling Drones” indicates.
“We pursue high-precise lending, fast charging, long service time and totally unmanned operations, and our products boast excellent compatibility with different types of UAVs and related software,” the company’s founder Wang Haibin said.
Wang gave a specific introduction to their UltraHive Mk3, the world’s first general-purpose smart UAV hangar for high-level automatic UAV operations, and SkyScout, an industry-leading system for remote UAV control. 
Wang disclosed that the company has provided products and intelligent solutions for a host of projects in and outside SIP to assist with remote UAV operations such as those for urban management and fault detection in power supply systems.
Since its inception in 2017, the company has finished three rounds of fundraising and been granted tens of patents, and its market value has exceeded RMB 100 million.
“We are confident that we will become a global leader in the sector,” Wang said.

July 31, 2019