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SIP-HMITZ enhances efforts in building APPSTP

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SIP High-end Manufacturing and International Trade Zone (SIP-HMITZ) is enhancing efforts to push on the APP Science & Technology Park (APPSTP) project, a biomedicine and new-generation information technology cluster to be formed in the area based on a MOU and a property buy-back agreement signed in January between SIP Administrative Committee and Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), the pulp and paper arm of Indonesian conglomerate Sinar Mas. 
APPSTP which will be built by renovating the 5,800-mu (387-hectare) APP plant in Shengpu Sub-district is expected to become a new landmark in SIP and a driver for industrial upgrading and transformation in SIP-HMITZ. 
Therefore, SIP-HMITZ authorities are giving the project full support. So far, mapping and surveying, change of land ownership and underground water testing concerning an about-1,840-mu (123-hectare) land plot have finished, while related asset transaction is underway and a project to dismantle part of existing buildings and facilities will be launched soon. 

July 31, 2019