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SIP enterprise develops micro-nose arsenic removal technology

A press conference for the Certification of the First Pot-type Arsenic Removal Filtration System by NSF-International was held in Shanghai on Jan 18. The micro-nose water filter independently developed by Mesofilter Suzhou in SIP was awarded the certification by the international authoritative institution.

NSF-International is a global independent institution, developing sanitary standards and providing test and certification services for water, food, health and daily consumer products. The micro-nose filtration system independently developed by Mesofilter becomes the first non-arsenic water purification product. Meanwhile, Midea micro-nose cylinder filter using the filter of Mesofilter also passed the certification.

In accordance with the report of WHO, more than 200 million people in the world are possibly under the chronic exposure to arsenic in drinking water and long-term exposure will lead to chronic arsenic poisoning. International agency for research on cancer regarded arsenic as Grade I carcinogen; meanwhile, arsenic also has other non-cancer effects as nearly no tissue in human body could escape its damage and arsenic hazard has become a world-class difficult problem.

According to Dong Liangjie, chief scientist of Mesofilter and one of the founders of micro-nose filter materials, the micro-nose granules in the water filter could effectively absorb several hazardous heavy metals in water, such as lead, arsenic, mercury, manganese, cadmium, nickel and chromium while effectively keeping the useful mineral substances.

Mesofilter Suzhou was officially settled in Nanopolis Suzhou in 2013. Currently it has established R&D center in SIP and production base in Shenzhen, with the annual water purification products reaching 400,000 sets. The micro-nose filter has entered the market in the USA and Hong Kong and will soon be on sale in China.

January 19,2017

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