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25 kindergarten principals watch epidemic prevention drill

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SIP’s Feicui Kindergarten on Mar 16 hosted an epidemic prevention drill where it demonstrated a series of practices aimed at preventing the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The principals of 25 SIP-based kindergartens watched it.
In the drill, Feicui Kindergarten’s staff played the roles of teachers, parents and children to demonstrate anti-epidemic operations concerning all the children’s activities in the kindergarten, including entrance temperature check, protective measures at meals, afternoon nap and outdoor activities and emergency response mechanisms.
After that, Yu Yunfei, deputy principal of the kindergarten, explained in detail the kindergarten’s anti-epidemic measures and procedures to the principals of other kindergartens based on a video, and the kindergarten principals then held discussions revolving on that and their kindergartens’ conditions.

Gusu Evening News,
March 17, 2020