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Youngsters visit SINANO to learn about nanotechnology

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SIP Moon Bay Community Working Committee recently launched a winter camp in the hope of helping local youngsters enrich their winter vacation that will last from Jan 18 to Feb 10. In the event on Jan 20, led by the committee staff, the little campers visited Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics (SINANO) in SIP, and gained a good knowledge of nanotechnology.

    The institute’s staff first showed the youngsters around an exhibition hall and gave them a detailed account of application of nanotechnology in such fields as electronic information, new materials and biomedicine.
    After that, Xue Jin, a commissioner for science popularization at SINANO, gave the youngsters a lecture on nanotechnology based on her picture book entitled 4D Science: Miraculous Nano World. She also demonstrated an experiment with a red scarf made of waterproof nano-materials, which amazed the youngsters.

January 21, 2020