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Micro-lectures win awards

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Two micro-lectures from SIP’s Weiting Sub-district recently received the awards for “Excellent Digital Courses for Community Education in 2019” from Jiangsu Social Education Services Guidance Center. 
The micro-lectures are short recorded video presentations, one produced by Yan Hongda, a local fine art teacher, and the other by Jiang Guigen, a retiree who is now working as a teacher at Weiting Sub-district University for the Aged. 
Yan’s micro-lecture features an introduction to traditional Chinese seal cutting and a set of skills of cutting various designs into the bottom surfaces of seals, while Jiang’s micro-lecture is designed to teach people to perform folk songs in local dialect. Both of them are believed good ways of disseminating traditional Chinese culture and enriching the local residents’ cultural and spiritual life.

November 8, 2019