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Youngsters compete in giving stage performances for science popularization purpose

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The 2019 (4th) Suzhou Youngsters’ Science Show Competition finals kicked off at SIP Youth & Children Center lately. Youngsters from 60 kindergartens and primary and middle schools across Suzhou are scheduled to compete in different groups in giving stage performances about sciences.
The competition, a biennial event jointly sponsored by Suzhou Science & Technology Association and Education Bureau, is designed to encourage youngsters to use their science knowledge to create stage play scripts and give performances to help spread the knowledge to a wider range. 
It is reported that this year’s event, embracing stories of Chinese and overseas scientists, received scripts from nearly 100 schools across Suzhou from May to July and after expert evaluation, 60 teams gained the entry to the finals.
The primary school rivalries are now underway.

November 7, 2019