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Colleges set up joint overseas Chinese and returnee service station

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SIP Institute of Services Outsourcing, SIP Institute of Vocational Technology and Suzhou Centennial College jointly set up an overseas Chinese federation & overseas Chinese and returnee service station on Sept 26. 
The new organization and service station are designed to tighten ties with overseas Chinese and give returnees at local higher vocational schools a helping hand in their work and life in the area.
Concurrently, the three colleges inaugurated the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Collaboration Center (IEECC), signed cooperation agreements with three partners and appointed six returned high-notch talents as mentors to join efforts in bolstering innovation and startup projects initiated by overseas Chinese and returnees. Additionally, a dragon boat team was formed to enrich overseas returnees’ life.
After a series of ceremonies, the attendees to the event had a tour around the work station, and the executives of the colleges and the federation discussed with the mentors a list of issues concerning the development of IEECC.

September 27, 2019