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Different biology lessons offered to students from four senior high schools

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With the coming of over 400 students from Suzhou High School Affiliated to Xi’an Jiaotong Universit to Cold Spring Harbor (CSH) Asia DNA Learning Center this week to attend an experiment-based lesson on bacterial transformation, the second session of SIP Innovative Biology Education Program started. The program, scheduled to last till December, is designed to offer the participating students a series of biology lessons that they do not have chance to attend in schools so as to help them consolidate and extend what they have learnt in classroom.
It is learnt that the first session of the program piloted last year was proved to be a great success after all of the 112 participating students demonstrated remarkable accumulation of knowledge on biology after finishing a nine-experiment curriculum covering genetic variation and testing, virus infection and bacterial transformation.
The program includes a set of general experiment lessons on bacterial transformation at either CSH Asia DNA Learning Center or Soochow University High School for 1,446 students from four partner senior high schools, and a series of advanced experiment lessons on daily application of microorganisms for the 112 students who were trained in the first session of the program and research-oriented experiment lessons on local plants’ DNA barcodes for 28 students recommended by the schools. 

September 20, 2019