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Communities organize learning tours for kids

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Two communities in SIP’s Hudong sub-district recently organized learning tours that showed good effects in broadening youngsters’ horizons and stimulating their interest in learning. 
A total of 20 families from Xingchennan Community on Sept 2 visited Japanese company Yakult Honsha’s factory in Wuxi, a neighboring city of Suzhou, and acquired a good knowledge of probiotic milk beverage. At the factory, the participants listened to the factory staff’s introduction to their products, attended a lecture on the probiotic products’ health benefits and tried to make yogurt following a series of modern production procedures. 
Jinxibei Community organized a summer camp on Sept 1 and 2. In the event, the participating youngsters attended a military-style training designed to drill them in discipline, visited a museum and a factory for a better understanding of modern agricultural technologies, and learnt survival skills and use of firefighting devices at a local fire squadron.

August 3, 2019