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SJTU (Suzhou) AI Research Institute inaugurates four centers to propel AI development

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SJTU (Suzhou) AI Research Institute, a smart technology research organization jointly founded in SIP by Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), Suzhou government and SIP Administrative Committee, inaugurated four research centers on Aug 31. The centers, respectively focusing on data science, smart language interaction,application of smart technologies in industrial sectors and machine vision, are expected to help greatly propel development of AI technologies in related fields and accelerate their application in different industries.
At the event, heads of the centers received letters of appointment.
It is disclosed that the institute plans to introduce 10 to 15 internationally competitive projects and teams in related fields over the following three years.
Concurrently, the institute’s “Senior Workshop on Innovative Management” started, designed to give the participating entrepreneurs a helping hand in making decisions concerning business strategies in the AI era. Tom Mitchell, an American computer scientist and E. Fredkin University professor at the Carnegie Mellon University, gave a speech.

August 31, 2019