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Parents and kids explore the world of insects

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Guanhu Community in SIP’s Weiting Sub-district organized an event on the evening of Aug 12 when over 10 families joined an outdoor adventure to explore the world of insects following a volunteer instructor accredited by World Wide Fund for Nature. 
Before the adventure, the instructor gave the parents and kids a specific introduction to hornets, honeybees and other insects they might find in the later adventure, covering the insects’ physical features, species, habitats and living habits.
Following that, the families were given 10 minutes to hunt for and observe insects in lawns. They then showed the insects they caught to the instructor and learnt more about the small creatures from her. 
In the last part of the event, the instructor joined the children to look for insects like slugs and cicadas in a grove near a small river, and they finally found three kinds of cicada sloughs. Based on the cicada sloughs and several specimens, the instructor explained to the children in detail the growth process of cicadas.

August 13, 2019