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SIP girls welcomed home after international lacrosse competition

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Seven girls, all high school students at Ulink College of Suzhou Industrial Park, were welcomed by their teachers and parents at airport after they came back from the 2019 U19 Women’s World Lacrosse Championship held in Canada from Aug1 to 10 as the national team members.
It was reportedly the first time that Chinese girls joined the annual world championship sponsored by the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL). The 20-member Team China got past the group stage as the second place winner and ranked 14 among all 22 teams from around the globe.
The Ulink girls, aged between 15 to 17, had excellent performance in the event, despite the fact that they only took to lacrosse early last year when Nicolas, a history teacher from the United States, put together the school’s first girls’ lacrosse team. 
The girls’ achievements at the event has inspired the school and Nicolas to form and train a boys’ lacrosse team to attend the 2019 U19 Men’s World Lacrosse Championship this autumn. 

August 13, 2019