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New campus to come into use in September

SIP Dongshahu School's West Campus for junior middle school students is expected to come into use in September, according to the project contractor Suzhou Industrial Park Urban Renovation & Development Co Ltd (SIPURD). The new campus boasts a series of considerate and innovative designs.

Tang Haizhou, project manager at SIPURD, revealed that the campus, 80 meters away from the nearby roads to avoid noise, has two buildings connected by corridors, one for teaching activities and one for sports and art activities.

"This is to avoid mutual interference between the activities, make the best use of the building space and save energy and construction materials," Tang said, adding that there is a big courtyard between the buildings for outdoor activities.

Traffic pressure was taken into consideration, too. Tang said the campus has two passageways with designated parking spaces for motor and non-motor vehicles for parents to take their children to and from school.

Moreover, the overall architectural style of the new campus keeps in line with that of the school's headquarters, featuring simple and elegant European-style classrooms, laboratories, library and other components surrounded by beautiful sceneries.

June 25, 2016

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