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SIP Fangzhou Primary School Unveiled

SIP Fangzhou Primary School Unveiled 

Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) Fangzhou Primary School was officially unveiled on September 9 and became another pearl in SIP education cause.

SIP Fangzhou Primary School is located on the north of Susheng Road and the east of Liuli Street, close to Fangzhou Park, Sports Park and Susheng Station of the planned Light Rail No.3. Viewed from afar, the colorful buildings of the school are very eye-catching.

Opened on September 1, the school at present has 12 classes in total and 40 teachers, and most of its students are the children of new Suzhou citizens.

With 40,000-square-meter land area and 24,500-squre-meter construction area and a total of over 80 million RMB investment, SIP Fangzhou Primary School is designed for 48 classes of 8 in 6 grades and features children's creative drawing in extra curriculum, and takes "all-round knowledge and upright behavior" as the school motto, and "recipient to all schools of learning", "seeking teachers from all lands", and "open to students of all corners" as its special style of school management.

September 9, 2010



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