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SIP authorities aim to put 30 reform measures into practice in FTZ this year

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SIP authorities convened a work conference on Dec 4 in a bid to promote coordination and collaboration between different departments to accelerate the development of China (Jiangsu) Pilot Free Trade Zone Suzhou Area, a free trade zone established in SIP in September. SIP Administrative Committee director Ding Lixin presided over the conference.
It is learnt that SIP authorities have made a three-year plan to fulfill 143 tasks step by step for the development of the FTZ, including putting 30 reform measures into implementation this year to improve administrative services and offer businesses privileges for trade facilitation purposes. Now, 80% of the measures have been carried out and have shown good effects.
At the event, Ding urged related departments to enhance their efforts to learn about the needs of local businesses and strictly keep to the plan to promote a fast and high-quality development of the FTZ.

December 4, 2019