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Event to help enterprises better understand online administrative services

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SIP Online Administrative Service Management Center and the operator of BioBAY, a biomedicine cluster in SIP, jointly organized an event at SIP Jinji Lake Roadshow Center on Nov 15, in an effort to help enterprises in BioBAY know better about SIP’s online administrative service system which is now offering 593 services designed to save local enterprises and residents time and efforts in going through administrative procedures. 
At the event, a staffer from the center gave the people from 47 enterprises a specific introduction to the online administrative service system and the services it offers, and demonstrated the procedures of getting access to the services. He laid emphasis on the comprehensive biomedicine business service module that was recently added to the system to allow biomedicine enterprises to apply for licenses for their projects and privileges based on local policies, seek investment and acquire industry information easily.

November 15, 2019