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Running event to mark Mother’s Day

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SIP’s Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort hosted a running event themed “Running together with Mother” on May 10 to mark Mother’s Day which, annually observed across the world on the second Sunday in May, fell on the day this year. The event offered a host of local families a good opportunity to tighten their family ties and gain a better understanding of the significance of companionship between family members.
In the event, the families ran 4.5 kilometers along a route with beautiful natural scenery all the way through, and partook in various parent-child activities. For example, there was one activity where the participating parents and children drew pictures on T-shirts together, and another one where the kids made greeting cards to express their love for their mothers. 
Moreover, discounted afternoon tea sets and tickets for HB World, a local film-themed entertainment complex, were offered during the event.

May 13, 2020