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SIPPL offers charter flight services to exporters

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SIP Port Logistics Co Ltd (SIPPL) recently revealed that, since Apr 19, it has managed to make arrangements for five charter flights and provided logistics solutions for over 10 SIP-based enterprises in need of international transportation of goods amid the ongoing global coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. SIPPL’s charter flight services have given the enterprises potent support in tackling logistics difficulties caused by the wide range of cancellation of international flights and rise of freight charges due to COVID-19. 
The charter flight services mainly target enterprises with difficulties in exporting or donating anti-epidemic supplies to other countries and regions through express delivery or freight forwarding agencies due to their small export volumes or lack of experience for export of such supplies.
It is learnt that SIPPL has set up a special working group to help anti-epidemic supply exporters check their customs documents so that they can go through customs procedures smoothly.
Moreover, the company is negotiating with neighboring airports and sea and land transportation service suppliers in the hope of providing more logistics solutions to exporters in SIP. 

May 13, 2020